To "do a tarzan" means to masturbate.
Damn that bitch is hot! I gotta go do a Tarzan, I can't think staight!
by Apfelstrudel August 10, 2006
Refers to someone who jumps from one team, a group, or a point of view to another; more like a band wagon. Just as Tarzan swings from vine to vine when traveling through trees at times.
-I could have sworn u were just rootin' fo da Pacers last season.
-Nope, I'm wit da Heats man!
-Damn, Tarzan u such a swinger, ur just like da rest of 'em!
By hoppin' on da bandwagon yo.
by Tugboats June 07, 2006
Slag for Five Hundred english pounds
Sort me out the Tarzan you owe me or you're a dead man.
by Stu Calder September 24, 2004
this only applies for people with hairy asses.

when you are taking a shit and a little bit of poo hangs onto ur ass threads and you rock back and forth hoping to make your little tarzan friend fall into the croc pit.
*rocking* This damn Tarzan just won't let go >:O
by #team.tobes January 22, 2004
a once tree dwelling creature who moved to the big city(tampa) to hang around with a whit kid, a hairy kid a kid whos name i think is cody and this girl that looks like the white kid, but then she cut her hair. Anyways he is an expert at ninja-ing and can dance like it aint nobodies business.
hey angel have you seen tarzan i got some business to discuss?
by long dong silvers February 18, 2004
A white person who acts black (ie, acts like he was raised by apes.) Similar to wigger.
that kid is such a fucking tarzan bitch
by max December 01, 2004
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