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When females wipe there butt towards their Vagina. Thus creating a Tarpit.
"Man, I think Christy gave herself a tarpit"
by Massivo December 12, 2004
when your ass wont seem to come clean after a nasty poop.
brad: wtf took you so long?
eric: sorry was taking a shit and got stuck in a tar pit.
by shazbanaut June 29, 2010
To kill yourself. Taken from the thought that doing it on a tarp makes it easier to clean up
Jose hates him life. I think he is going to tarp it.
by heathen at frightfan October 31, 2009
Marinella's black pussy leftover pussy trimmings stuck under my nail after I'm done fingering her schmeg-infested crotch.
After finger banging her rotten crotch, it looked like I had dipped my hands in the Labrea Tar Pits. Nasty Bitch
by Butter n' Butter January 27, 2004
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