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Quite possibly the coolest race ever conceived in the history of fantasy PC games. The Tauren is a minotaur-like creature that looks half man, half bull. They carry around very large trees and smash people and other various objects with them.
Only two things come from Texas... and I've got horns.
by Grok September 27, 2004
Similar to a system commonly used to delay attackers attempting to compromise your network, the human tarpit is the people equivalent. The human tarpit intentionally delays and bogs down potential intruders and renders them inefficient if not largely ineffective. The human tarpit may employ rhetoric, nonsensical, and/or circular arguments designed to consume as much time from the attacker as possible while maintaining their undivided attention and preventing them from launching more fruitful attacks.
A vendor wouldn't take "no" for an answer so I introduced them to our human tarpit.
by grok February 18, 2013
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