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A misspelling of the word "trapped", often used in online RPG-games. This occurs when the player can't move in any direction, mostly because objects or other players are blocking his way.
A: Haha, look at that guy. He's totally cornered.
B: OMG, tarped.
by Luzodar February 08, 2008
A specialized injury found often in baseball parks. As the tarp is run out over the field to protect the surface from rain, one of the team trips (or loses a leg), and is covered by the tarp.
Where's Walt?

I don't know. He was just here. What's that bump over there?

Dude. Walt got tarped.
by PsychoPuppyDad July 30, 2010
To Tarp. The verb form of the noun 'tarp'. To put a tarp on something. Also more commonly used to cheat in scrabble.
"After I looked it up in six dictionaries, I still couldn't find the verb tarped!"
by Grce July 23, 2007
when the penis is soft and the skin from ones penis is stretched over the pink so one can not see the pink.
man, that speedo made this dick all tarped and shit.
by THE GREG December 15, 2004

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