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A testosterone-heavy male, also known as "gigilo" and "hustler," who is frequently hassled for attention and sexual favors by young attractive women, and sometimes men. Natural habitat includes rock-climbing gyms and outdoor arenas.
"Man, did you see Taras hang draws on that 5.12 yesterday? I thought he was going to crater big time when he saw that chick he hooked up with last Friday walk by."
by Rockster November 20, 2006
A russian entity of with unbelievable knowledge and comprehension capabilities. Having lived for many eons on the face of the Earth, the entity has collected enough knowledge to numb a human brain. Scientists have discovered only one of these entities, so far found in the lower western district of Canada.
Taras is greater than God.
You're becoming more Taras.
by ****Dr. Phil**** April 01, 2006
the finest and best wife ever! no one can compare............!
" wow ...she really loves her husband ...the womans a tara!"
by greatfull1 October 20, 2011
Verb- to vomit; specifically due to drinking an excess amount of Hawaiian Punch-based alcohol in preparation for a rousing game of lasertag.
"Hey Danny, I think I may have overdone it on the Appletinis. Can you direct me to your bathroom so i can tara in and around it? Don't worry, I will avoid the toilet at all costs."
by Tha_Murphdogg December 06, 2009
She's got cut off jeans and legs that go for miles. She's the sweetest girl you'll ever meet with her cowboy boots and southern charm she can bring you to your knees.. This girl will drive you wild!!! She's a 10 and she is intense... with a fuck you attitude to match. She is pure sexiness, magnetism, smarts, beauty, and is everything any man could ever want.
That girl is sassy,classy and hot... she must be named Tara
by thatswellguy June 18, 2011
That one person who you meet and you immediately want to be friends with. you have the best of times with her! her parents are loose too so they are cool to be around too. alone with her yo can have a long deep conversation about your problems and her problems and she loves coldplay!! she doesn't like when people have the same name as her though, especially when they put shame into the name.
"i wish i could be friends with tara..."

"wow tara looks like fun to hang with"
by minyah March 20, 2012
- strong, natural support (earth, land, tower)
- heavenly light (star) synonymous with the dawn, yet humbly present beyond the times its seen

- Divine feminine Being of wisdom & supreme compassion
- place of kings possibly attributed to its Hebrew variation meaning "crowned"
- a rectifying cycle or circle of completion, revolution ala a variation on tora, rota; usually used with '-ize' in this sense
Scarlett O'Hara: "Oh, I know I was mad at you the night you left me on the road to Tara, and I still haven't forgiven you!"

Rhett Butler: "Oh, Scarlett! Don't say that!"


Person 1: I was thinking of a name for my daughter; Tara might be the one.

Person 2: That's pretty! Saw some crazy B-movie with the same name also called "Hood Rat". You sure you wanna do that?

Person 1: *sux teeth* Think I saw an ad for dat mess when I was checking out meanings but the history and essence of the name are past all that. Betcha no more than a thirsty hood rat or weird junior-high stalker made that happen. A real Tara like mine will blow kisses to da hate!

Person 2: Hahaha... true! Great choice. God bless your family.


Person 1: So lemme get this right. She aborted her own dreams, tried to involve the next woman on some blame ish then landed on dude long enough to play a sperm bank allegedly backed by her daddy's money?! Shheeee...

Person 2: Yup and dat aint even the half of what he said. Ol' girl's been good for playing all types of lame games. Years of her whole steez will be Tararized soon enough. Hope she gets the help she needs when it's over.


Producer: This beat is coming out craaaazy! I'ma call my homegirl to Tararize the vocals and then it'll be ready.
by AuroraMa January 26, 2012