Is the perfect girlfriend. She doesn't ask for much, just to be loved! Which is easy to do since she is so amazing! She's smart, funny, she loves to joke and laugh. She has many different smiles and giggles all the time. When your with her time goes way to fast, and when your apart she's all you think about! Basically she's the best girlfriend ever!
I met this awesome girl, she kind of a dork but totally Tara!!
by tallblue April 11, 2010
Tara is a seemingly strong, beautiful girl who all the boys want. She is short but keeps her head held high. Is a workaholic. Is very self sufficient. You can never change her mind once it is set. Is desperately searching for a fairy tale ending but still feels like her life hasn't even begun. Is a very talented singer and can play many instruments. Has learned not to let people in so easily. Doesn't trust easily. Is insecure about herself but refuses to show it. Gets stressed easily. But often likes to be in a good mood. When she is around everyone knows it! loud, obnoxious, jealous, goofy, dances all the time. Is a natural flirt (often doesn't realize she is doing it.) knows every lyric to every song. Is a very funny person, always fun to be around. Has a million different genuine laughs! only the people closest to her can tell when shes faking. Always tries to make people feel comfortable. Is good at keeping conversation. Is a very well-known person. Everybody loves Tara. The only haters Tara has are just people who are jealous of her. Is a natural leader. Hates following others but is afraid to take the responsibility to lead herself. Loves family. very protective. And is great with kids. Tara is a wonderful person who anyone would be extremely lucky to know or be close to.
Everybody loves Tara!!!
person 1: hey thats tara!

person 2: oh ive heard about her! shes awesome!

person 3: i wish i could be like tara!
by ohsnap!1234 April 26, 2012
taras make the best friends, they are loyal and trustworthyt.

they make good moms and work hard at everything they are kind hearted and good natured

sometimes they let their temper get the best of them but are usually wise and patient

taras are gorgeous and gentle

but be careful never to get on a taras bad side! she will mess you up!
"you're gorgeous tara!"

by SamyD March 30, 2010
to firmly grab ass and hump into submission
I'm gonna tara that bitch and say WHO'S YO DADDY!
by alex faulder July 14, 2006
Super hot, competitive, amazing girl who can kick your ass in fruit ninja, make the best sandwiches in the world, and is the definition of perfect. ;)
"Damn, the girl is hot!"
"Yeah, her name is Tara."
by MattKolz October 01, 2011
The most Beautiful, Sexy, Smart, Funny, Hot and Amazing girl in the world. She is a great kisser and fantastic in bed. she is extremely lovable and so beautiful.

Girl: wow look at Tara,
Boy: i'd tap that
*Girl hits boy*

"i wish i was more like Tara"*sighhhhh*
by Matthew (: August 28, 2011
A beautiful girl who loves to be around people. She is the most adorable and the sweetest person i have ever met. No one is greater than her. She knows how to party and I love her to infinite and beyond. She is a definition of a best friend. She cares about other people and is a great listener. I LOVE HER. She's just amazing. Like, I can't express my love for her enough. Any person would be so lucky to have her as a friend. She's amazing at jokes and makes me laugh until I pee. SHE LIGHTS UP MY WORLD LIKE NO BODY ELSE.
Guy 1: Guys, thats my girl over there.

Guy 2: *Shit bricks* Tara?! She's gorgeous.

Guy 1: I know <3
by Lola Spankjuice April 30, 2012
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