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1)exhausted, tired
"I was tapped after working that 12 hour shift."

"Buying all those shots at the bar left me tapped by last call."
by sixpac November 09, 2003
102 57
a person who is crazy or insane
I wouldn't fuck with that kid he's tapped
by K-Slay May 27, 2007
249 132
an expression used to describe strange or stupid behaviour or experiences
"When I was trippin' last night, I saw a wheelchair flying through the sky"
"You're tapped mate"
by stubbs May 04, 2003
136 82
1. To gain access to something. Usually sexual relations with a female.
2. An untapped resource is a female who hasnt been with any guys yet, or a quiet girl with a lot of potential that not many people rate or notice.
1. I gunna tap that ass!
We tapped the Keg.
2. That new girl in my tutorial is an untapped resource, everyone thinks she's a nerd...But I just know it can be tapped!
by Diego October 02, 2003
128 82
getting fucked
a guy tapped my ass, you should've been there
by PB December 13, 2003
56 42
Tapped meaning Nothing Left or No reason for it
Another form of Tapped is in a sexual form.
"This Place Is tapped"
"Ha Ha I tapped That Last Night Dude"
by Wolf125 November 26, 2007
21 13
Previously used; mostly referring to chicks. Evolved from "i would tap that", hence she has already been tapped
man1: Im gunna go ask Sally out to dinner.
man2: say away from her man, shes been tapped... on numerous occasions.
by BeastieBen September 03, 2003
37 29