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Testicles. Often used to describe where the Castle Guards hit contestants on Takeshi's Castle's "Bridgeball"
She kicked me right in the spuds
by Stubbs May 18, 2004
slang term for ecstasy pills or capsules
"Ron did 6 little-marns last night at the party"
by stubbs May 05, 2003
an expression used to describe strange or stupid behaviour or experiences
"When I was trippin' last night, I saw a wheelchair flying through the sky"
"You're tapped mate"
by stubbs May 04, 2003
a fart
Who stepped on a land oyster
by Stubbs July 14, 2003
an expression used to describe idiotic or stupid behaviour
"Josh thinks he's a professional model just because he did some voluntary modelling for TopMan"
"What a froth"
by stubbs May 04, 2003
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