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Girl's name for characteristically: smart, pretty, and shy females
-they dont know what they have which makes them even more loveable
Awww, Tania is so cute!
by real_helen_of_troy May 27, 2008
this word mean a really pretty girl that falls in love with guys that are sweet and cute with pretty eyes.
hey girl dont be a Tania when you meet that guy.
by me^_^ August 30, 2008
A shortened form of the name 'Titania', the queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s "A Mid-Summer's Nights Dream"
Titania sounds weird, lets just call her 'Tania'
by Dallimar March 12, 2009
1. Female
2 Humble but Confident
3 A really pretty girl that she's very shy
4 Quiet and talks to no one if she does not feel like it
5. To keep to yourself
6. Everyone thinks that you are stuck up .
7 She falls in love with nerdy guys that are sweet and cute with pretty eyes.
She is a Tania all right!
by Me & Me February 05, 2010
Possibly the most beautiful name for a beautiful girl, Tania's are known to be work-a-holics, eat-a-holics, and gym-a-holics. Tania originated from Miami, Fl. but their ancestry can be traced back to Central American countries. In effect, girls with the name Tania are usually latina featuring large, brown eyes and delicious, curly hair. Naturally, Tania's are constantly referenced to Lady the dog from Disney's "Lady and the Tramp". Tania's physical beauty are often matched by their captivating personality i.e. Their smiles often provide a light in dark places while their quiet kindness evokes love for them. Tania's charm can also consist of a rougher side making them ready fighters. They may break promises and reject kisses (very sad). Lovely tattoo's may adorn their lovely, fuzzy bodies. The final quality is nevertheless angelic and perfect. A Tania is worth pursuing even though they prioritize their friendships and guard their hearts. Virgil once said it best, "Amor vincit omnia" meaning "love conquers all things" - so we too (Tania) shall yield to love (yours).
1. "You're beautiful, amazing, and perfect. If I had to guess, your name must be Tania."

2. "Tania, you must love a spaghetti dinner date since you loved one in your movie, he he."
by applepie_hearts_princesspeach August 25, 2010
Tania meaning Fairy Queen, is as humble as a bebe. A Tania is a beautiful lady with eye's to match. She can enchant you with her personality and pwn you at halo. Some use the word Tania to describe a person, place, or thing with many outstanding qualities. The best of both worlds if you will. The abbreviation would be "ATT" meaning "a total Tania." or "clb"
This pizza has the best crust, toppings and dough, it's ATT.

A total Tania
by joeblow22 February 04, 2010
One who is really a faerie with impish impulses, yet a good heart. This one will cast spells and use magic to get what she desires. She only desires the best in everyone to shine through. You may think she is evil, but you will find out in the end she has only done for the better of all.
And example of a Tania would be one fixing up complete strangers, but making them bump into each other (literally) first.
by troll eater February 04, 2010
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