A really poor person who is uneducated, has bad regrowth in their hair (for girls) and rats tails/shaved head (guys), lacking fashion sense and think they are the shit. Girls usually wear tacky superflare jeans with their muffintop poking out and a way too small top. Or they just wear mens clothes like dada and eminem. Men seem to think they are gangstas but just look like dicks, wearing dada and basically anything dirty and old. Tangers are dirty and poor and live in bad areas. Tanger girls think playboy bunnies are the best thing ever created. Ew.
Person 1: "Eww! Look at those tangers can they please go back to (insert poor area here)!"
Person 2: "Ewww!"
by e.lla. December 19, 2006
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a very sour teen vagina found in Wisconsin Dells
Bobby will bang every tanger he can get drunk off Keystone Light
by Waldonianite March 28, 2010
A tanger is a person who worships rap music and their artists, e.g: Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, etc. One who wears clothes brands such as Wu-Tang (hence the name tanger), Dada, Eminem, etc and is commonly associated with illegal practices such as drug dealing, vandalism, etc. Arguably the lowest form of life.
You are bashed and your Mobile Phone is stolen and you remember people stinking of B.O. wearing Dada and Wu-tang clothes. Fucking tangers.
by The Ox, Australia October 22, 2004
a person who wears wu-tang,dada,fubu, etc. and hang around shoping malls and has flick knifes and wanna be gangstars try to start fights but are to gutless to hit you to your face needs friends there to help mainly try to hang in front of central square
"get the hell out of my school you tanger"
by spitlz May 12, 2005
To be a coward.
Joey was a tanger because he did not sky dive.
by danx7 April 13, 2011
Derived from the name of a clothing brand "wutang",used around the ballarat area.

definition: expression used to describe the socio-economic group of people that wear the brand- generally from the lower classes or people who like to dress rough'n'tuff.
There's a lot of Tangers around

Dam them crazy Tangers!
by Jill, Vic, Australia March 30, 2005
Regular noun. see shitbox

1. Anal Canal
2. Vagina (rare)

Derogatory, used mainly by men when referring to a sexual conquest.

Derived from poontang a term popularised in the 1980s by Kubrik's film Full Metal Jacket. Whereas poontang refers to women as a sexual object, the sexual act and also the female genitalia, tanger has developed mainly to refer to the anal canal.

It is a rather unfortunate fact that at the start of 2000 (or thereabouts) a British leading brand sanitary towel producer decided to name their new towel the tanger, it was launched with a huge marketing campaign, clearly the consultants had made a rather large blunder, it is no longer made.
1. I fucked that bitch up the tanger.
by Brian Tyler October 23, 2004

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