Tangs is a slang word referring to a specific object of desire/importance/neccesity. The word is not neccesarily used to indicate a wanting of more than one object, that is, it is not neccesarily considered 'plural' in certain context. The phrase "gimmie' dem'" is most typically uttered before this word resulting in the sentence "Gimmie' dem' Tangs". This is not a command of sorts, that is, it is meant to be fulfilled, but the phrase it only spoken among a group of guys chillin waiting for ladies.
-Tangs is typically used to describe an object that is the facilitator of a soon-to-be pleasureable/beneficial event in which all parties involved with the owner of the tangs partake.
(5 prime choice steaks are god damn ready to be flipped but the spatchula is next to a friend of the grill master across the room
Grill Master(semi-yells):"Gimmie Dem Taangss"
(As he throws):
Friend:Giimmie demm

Your friends are chillin and one of you had bud:
Friend #1: eyy! gimmie dem tangs
Friend #2: Gimmie dem
Friend #3 aaallright
by Tangsnorth January 03, 2009
The part of a blade that extends below the hilt of a sword. It is contained within the grip and is essential to good sword-making.
This katana is full-tang. It won't break.
by 4th July 25, 2004
what some girls name thier pussy
last night i let him put his skittles in my tang
by skittles freakazoid April 16, 2010
Someone who believes a rhinoceros is a type of dinosaur; usually confusing them with a stegosaurus.
"Hahahaha I can't believe she thought that a rhinoceros was a stegosaurus...stupid Tang"
by basilthedog89 January 21, 2010
(noun) a fake drug

(verb)Duping someone by making them think you are giving them an illegal drug when your actually giving them and common household food.
Yo dude i tanged that crack head with sugar.
by Kyle Tang October 31, 2009
1) The Polynessian God of Fertility

2) A woman's vagina
1) "What did we talk abou in history today?"

2) She's got a tight tang.
by ;adrbglaihvbglah July 15, 2008
Vagina is such a scary name, it's not cute and no other word that means vagina is cute other than tang. It's not gross and it's comfortable to say instead of vag-i-na! It's not fair that penis isn't scary.
I hope my tang doesn't get old and wrinkly, do you think that they have botox for that?
by Natalie S. and Rachel B. May 16, 2008

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