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referring to an attractive female.
Friend 1: Is there any tang at the bar tonight?

Friend 2: There's a couple of pieces of tang but most of it's manned up.
by skip444 September 19, 2010
15 20
The part of a blade that extends below the hilt of a sword. It is contained within the grip and is essential to good sword-making.
This katana is full-tang. It won't break.
by 4th July 25, 2004
219 224
to have sex, to engage in sexual intercourse
"want to tang"
"she came over lastnight and we had a solid tang"
"i hear she's a good tang"
"ryan, i heard you tanged nicky"
by negriffiths March 28, 2012
3 9
A bitch, or a person being a bitch/Poon/Tool

someone who exhibits traits of a bitch/ faggot

Tang Status, Bitch Status

when someone who is not normally a tang shows traces of bitchness in their system, they have tang status
Guy- Dude immm totallllly throwin this raginnnng party tonighttt. you should like, just come by and chill for suree broo. i just call up girlls all dayy too.

friend- Tang

2nd friend- go home you tang piece of shit

guy- bro why you tryin me
by vici33 March 08, 2011
0 6
Too cool for your own good. Beyond awesome.

Other uses include tang cat, tangular
“The girl with the harry potter t shirt is really tang."
by peter tang cat December 15, 2010
4 10
what some girls name thier pussy
last night i let him put his skittles in my tang
by skittles freakazoid April 16, 2010
3 9
Someone who believes a rhinoceros is a type of dinosaur; usually confusing them with a stegosaurus.
"Hahahaha I can't believe she thought that a rhinoceros was a stegosaurus...stupid Tang"
by basilthedog89 January 21, 2010
4 10