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The type of person who is very sexual, very controlling and always ready to party. A Tam may be a person who tends to drink excessively and take pills(maybe ecstasy) at the same time, while always maintaining this dominating presence. Although these types of people are demanding at times they are sensitive and for some reason many people tend to be drawn to a Tam. Their power is mainly derived from their good looks and sexual nature.

Tam: You're coming out drinking with me tonight and we're gonna have fun.
Scott: I can't keep doing this. I need to study.
Tam: I promise I'll make it worth your while...(sexual referance)
Scott: (Shrugs) Ughh fine I'll be there in 10 minutes.

Tam: (Pushes person up against wall and breathes in to neck)
Person: You always do this. Stop it I know you have a girl friend and you're just drunk right now.
Tam: You know you want me. We'll be together by the end of the year.
by EA315 December 11, 2010

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