The Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science is a residential program for high school-aged Texas students who are high achievers and interested in mathematics and science. There are no highschool courses taught. Everyone lives in McConnell Hall. The hall has two common rooms, a kitchenette, and rooms. Besides serving as a study area during quiet hours, the Smitty serves as a public room, featuring a ping-pong table, pool table, and a useless foosball table. TAMS has a number of student activities and events, ranging from clubs like Mu Alpha Theta and Junior Engineering Technical Society to performance groups like Academy Players and Dull Roar. Students may also participate in events such as proms, school dances, coffee houses, and an annual talent show. Students at TAMS are encouraged to take the opportunity of conducting research under the guidance of a professor either on or off-campus during the school year as well as the summer. The TAMS Summer Research Scholarship is offered to about 60 students per year to fund these research pursuits. There are also Most Awesome Girlfriend and Boyfriend awards which are awarded to students yearly, the most recent winner for the Boyfriend award was not awarded due to discrepancies in the poll, though Kevin was close, and Sydney won the Girlfriend award. TAMS students are subject to a set of rules, including a curfew, as set by the administration, subject to review by the student-run Judicial Board or the school's administration.
I was at TAMS the other day! They had some pretty interesting people who all played RUA!- random UNT student
by Draco Konban December 05, 2010
Top Definition
a vietnamese name. means "heart"
OMG. that chick tam is such a bitch. haha jkay(:
by funkaylaydee May 28, 2008
extremely hot chick who is an animal in the sack and gives you a throbbing cock
"dude...i fucked tam..."
"dude"*high fives*
by micksterdidit April 09, 2009
Magic Mushrooms, or shrooms, commonly used in the Chicagoland area
Chicago guy: wanna buy some tam?
New York guy: wtf is tam?
Chicago guy: shrooms dumbfuck everyone in chicago knows that
by fattymagee11 October 08, 2011
Texas Academy of Math and Science is a program based in Denton, Tx that is comprised of 300+ social retards living in the same building. The program allows for nerds from around Texas to replace two years of high school with college courses. The world of TAMS is a ridiculous misinterpretation of the racial diversity in Texas, over 60% of TAMS is asian. As if this is not enough to separate TAMS from the real world,the program is also crawling with homosexuals, much more than to be considered normal, an eighth of class is openly gay. It seems that the college work-load has become too much strain for some, as the black population at TAMS has been confused to belive they are white, while the indian population seems to look in the mirror and see a brutha staring back. The program is complete with restring and unnecessary rules such as : curfew, visitation hours for the opposition sex, quiet hours to faciliate studying, PDA restrictions (not that it matters with the degree of ugly at TAMS), and other such bullshit...
Hey man what you up to?

I have just graduated from TAMS in which i threw what could have been the two most fun years of my life away to gain a couple more hours of college credit. Now to embark back into the real world which is a complete polar opposite to the ridiculous world i was shielded in during my tenure at TAMS! But at least i will be a millionaire, not that it matters since i don't know what fun is .

next example:

hey man, did you get some play last night?

yeah man! i got some tams pussy!

TAMS pussy? why didn't you just save yourself the trouble and stick your dick in a meat grinder!
by tams effin ter August 03, 2006
Tam is an extremely kind, deep thinking friend. She is stronger than she looks and rarely cries in front of others. She can talk, type, and write at amazing speeds, and always has something to say. She is someone who appears very reserved until you get to know her but once you are close with her, she will open up a lot. She is a great listener who doesn't think that talking behind someone's back is a crime. Tam can also write a story in close to no time flat. Tam is an amazing tree climber. Tam is amazingly hot. She is also really reasonable when it comes to opinions and can see her own faults, but doesn't let that stop her.
Tam is my best friend.

Person: Hey, who's way up high in that tree?
Me: Oh, that's Tam.

Tam can carry like 7 conversations on at the same time and still have deep stuff to say.
by Teegan Sygabeth Shatzler July 05, 2013
Texas Asylum for the Mentally Screwed
one of my gal pals, Grace Chung, goes to TAMS suffers from the stench of the mentally screwed ppl every single day

me: "heyy you"
by Aceplaya December 03, 2005
The type of person who is very sexual, very controlling and always ready to party. A Tam may be a person who tends to drink excessively and take pills(maybe ecstasy) at the same time, while always maintaining this dominating presence. Although these types of people are demanding at times they are sensitive and for some reason many people tend to be drawn to a Tam. Their power is mainly derived from their good looks and sexual nature.

Tam: You're coming out drinking with me tonight and we're gonna have fun.
Scott: I can't keep doing this. I need to study.
Tam: I promise I'll make it worth your while...(sexual referance)
Scott: (Shrugs) Ughh fine I'll be there in 10 minutes.

Tam: (Pushes person up against wall and breathes in to neck)
Person: You always do this. Stop it I know you have a girl friend and you're just drunk right now.
Tam: You know you want me. We'll be together by the end of the year.
by EA315 December 11, 2010

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