Wow, a Talon TSI is faster than a 93 crx, a year that the crx wasn't even made.
How dare you call a Talon TSI driver a ricer when you drive a honda
by Importdayz December 29, 2002
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A cheaply made unreliable car made by Chrysler from Mitsubishi parts. Good bang for the buck.
"where were you last night?"
"my talon blew up after racing that 240"
by kainam August 03, 2004
Best DSM made, doesn't need "naws" to smoke ur CRX.
Yo! That TSI is mad fast, beat your CRX without "naws"
by Blow me November 24, 2002
The best of the DSM line of automobiles. When combined with a 6bolt block, big16g, and front mount, can be made one fast mofo. It is advised to not try and race one, but to just aww in its amazingness. Black happens to be the fastest of all the colors
My kickass talon tsi beat your slow honda.
by JM November 17, 2002
fast car
the example above me is retarded because they didnt make CRX's in 93 they stoped making them in 91 and made Del Sol's which a Talon tsi would kill.
by joey edelstein March 04, 2003
Some beater car that ricers think can be fast. When in fact i beat it in my 93 crx si with nawzz.
Hey Toretto look at that ricer in that tsi, i could smoke his ass.
by Dawg November 18, 2002
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