A Chrysler badged version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse, produced from 1990 to 1998.
That eagle talon just smoked my honda
by MarkGSX February 05, 2007
A sexual position involving a trampoline. The female gets on all fours, assuming a doggie-style position on the ground. The male then proceeds to jump on a trampoline nearby and, when he feels he has reached a sufficient height, he jumps off the tramp and inserts his erect penis into the female's awaiting asshole, much like an eagle swooping down to catch its prey. Few attempt the eagle talon, and even fewer succeed.
Ross - "Hey did you hear about Nick? I guess he fucked his girlfriend last night eagle talon style."
Mike - "Wow, Nick sure is fresh to death."
by Rudio March 23, 2008
A sex act involving a girl, a guy and a trampoline. The girl lays on the ground doggie style and the guy jumps off the trampoline. In midair, he, possibly successfully, places his cock in the girl's pussy.
Let's eagle talon her!
by D. Rodriguez December 02, 2010

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