1.A big ass dick that causes major bloodage while having sex with the female genitaila.
2. Andrew S's dick.
3. A dick that cuases rippage in the pants when hard.
1. My tally wacker put her in the fucking hospital.
2. She said his tally wacker was so big, it blew his pants open and caused a major chain reaction throughout the volcanoes.
3. His tally wacker is so big that when he busts it's like a damn fire hydrant going off.
by Nick and fucking andrew October 31, 2004
Top Definition
My gargantious third member.
I often stuff my own anus with my tallywacker
by Pete Negwaski! June 24, 2006
Something used to syphon gas out of a car.
"WOW, that guy just stuck his Tallywacker in a gas tank!"
by Pete Negwaski! June 17, 2006
Slang. The male copulatory organ. The term very popular in rugger-bugger piss-ups
At the piss up after winning the rugby world cup, Jonny Wilkinson waved his tallywacker at the Australians

Orig. <French 'tallier'=pull + Western Irish mispronunciation of 'wanker'>
by emigre December 15, 2003
Tally wacker is a giant gwat dick that can be swaded side to side with just a mear swing of the hips
Look that Chico just used his tally wacker to cock slap little Abe in the face. man is that going to leave some damage!
by Texican May 14, 2004
another word for a penis
wow look at the size of my hard tallywacker
by billy February 03, 2003
Hillarious term for Penis
I enjoy having my tally-wacker sucked off.
by Xyrus November 06, 2003
a length of rope use to count sheep. The sheperd would tie a knot every 10 sheep. If one slowed up he would whack them with the tally rope.
He hit that ram with the tallywacker.
by sheepfreebird December 19, 2009
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