1.A big ass dick that causes major bloodage while having sex with the female genitaila.
2. Andrew S's dick.
3. A dick that cuases rippage in the pants when hard.
1. My tally wacker put her in the fucking hospital.
2. She said his tally wacker was so big, it blew his pants open and caused a major chain reaction throughout the volcanoes.
3. His tally wacker is so big that when he busts it's like a damn fire hydrant going off.
by Nick and fucking andrew October 31, 2004
A huge, thick penis measuring 8" or more in lenght, a soul pole, a meat pole.
Look lois, Clark has an enormous tally wacker!!!!
by mike January 07, 2004
a freaking bad word to use when you really mean zipper.
ms. shoutz told us to make sure our tallywackers weren't showing.
by YouScreamLikeAGirl March 15, 2005
a mischievous child, usually a boy
That little tallywacker set my car on fire.
by Hikoo October 08, 2003
A man in Florida named John Peckerhead
John August
by LB February 10, 2004
A person who wears white shoes.
"Get outta here! You're not a tallywacker."
by xavier February 05, 2005

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