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3 definitions by emigre

Slang. The male copulatory organ. The term very popular in rugger-bugger piss-ups
At the piss up after winning the rugby world cup, Jonny Wilkinson waved his tallywacker at the Australians

Orig. <French 'tallier'=pull + Western Irish mispronunciation of 'wanker'>
by emigre December 15, 2003
260 167
Vulgar noun - A unique species found predominately in the American South East. It is similar to mixing a tard with a rumsfeld in as much that is has all the intellect of a tard with the war mongering and money grabbing tendancies of the rumsfeld.
Distinguished from the similar dick cheney by the almost total lack of neuron activity.

Likely to become extinct when democracy returns to the United States of America
That dumb ass dubbya sure made a load of money out of daddy's contacts

Orig. <US idiot son of ex CIA director>
by emigre December 15, 2003
37 20
unusual spelling of megalomania
the megalomaniac spelled things phonetically with owt ehnee thawt for hiz growing meglomania
by emigre April 03, 2004
11 14