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When someone says something stupid that they have no proof of. For example, "The Space Shuttle was destroyed by TERRORISTS!"
That asshat's talking out of his ass again
by Legato February 18, 2003
Uttering bullshit or talking nonsense. Most commonly done by managers and corporate whores.
Employee: Will you make some sense and stop talking out of your ass?

Management: YOU'RE FIRED!!!
by AYB February 18, 2003
To make an obviously false claim.

To attempt discussion on a topic with no prior knowledge of it usually results in this.
The moon landing was a hoax? You're talking out of your ass.
by oobymach June 21, 2012
Talking out of your ass, also commonly known as verbal diarrhoea. Is typically performed by closed minded idiots who like to state their opinion on a topic, having no prior information or evidence before discussion.
Grandparent: "Downloading and printing are the same thing!"

Grandchild: "No they are not, you don't even use the internet. You are talking out of your ass, stop living in a 1960's dream world".
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by Alfred Pistachio June 01, 2016
A person that talks just to hear there self talk.
U sound better talking out of ur mouth not ur ass.
by cartman5000 July 25, 2004
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