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A) When someone is eating food very fast
B) When someone is drinking alcohol

C) When a girl gets skeeted on in the face or sucks a dick
A) Yo Nati Legend slow down a stop taking that burrito to the face.
B) I'm taking it to the face tonight!! (implying you will be drinking but don't want ur RA to overhear what ur talking about.)
C) I am going to be taking it to the face with my boyfriend tonight.
D) Take it to the face Guddie
by bgg January 30, 2011
The thing you should not say to your dear friend's boss at a holiday fundraiser.
"Tyler likes to take it to the face, if you know what I mean." *wink*
by Jesie December 06, 2007
drink a 40 ounce without stopping for air.
Chug that shit bitch nigga!!! Take it to the face!!!
by Mattitude and mikeaholic May 03, 2003
what one must do when the situation reaches the apex of awkwardness

when you are surrounded by a) exboyfriends b) awkward fucks c)boyfriends exgirlfriends d)toolsheds e)basically any william and mary student

having to drink an entire bottle of andre by oneself to compensate for the awkwardness

so awkward that EVEN CRAT WILL SUFFICE
At an open, non-greek william and mary party, after the THIRD toolbag has tried to get you to dance with him...

"girls, this party sucks"
"take it to the face"
by Ab, Hen, Rox March 02, 2005
a euphemism for snorting
i had to write a paper so i took some adderall to the face and got it done in 3 hours
by jj April 08, 2005
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