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A) When someone is eating food very fast
B) When someone is drinking alcohol

C) When a girl gets skeeted on in the face or sucks a dick
A) Yo Nati Legend slow down a stop taking that burrito to the face.
B) I'm taking it to the face tonight!! (implying you will be drinking but don't want ur RA to overhear what ur talking about.)
C) I am going to be taking it to the face with my boyfriend tonight.
D) Take it to the face Guddie
by bgg January 30, 2011
A thot who wants to sexual relations with everyone in your squad.
Mike: Who was that girl at the party touchin on jake?
Jordan: Oh her? She's a straight up squader. The whole squad ran train on her!
by bgg June 08, 2014
A shortened word for "positive";used in the same context.
Ex. Are you pausey that it was Nati Lengend you gut fucked last night?
by bgg January 21, 2011
a small Itallian faget who likes to munch on Chico sticks, also it could be one of the following:

1. Someone you don't like
2. derogitory term
3. Itallian topings
Hey Fagetini hows it going.
by bgg June 18, 2006
to think about something in a fagets ideal and stat of mind.
Are u fagasizing about fucking that little asain boy.
by bgg August 08, 2006

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