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Actual meaning of taint is that it is the piece of Skin between a woman's Asshole & her Vagina.
Also described as "i-taint Asshole & i-taint cunt...
by MeMy SelfAndi May 30, 2010
7 2
Word that means isin't or ain't or some strange and wonderful combination of a whole bunch of words
It t'aint a dirty word you dirty bastards
by darknights November 10, 2006
45 41
A very nasty little area b/w either a mans asshole and nards, or b/w a womans brown eye and fun slit
"Damn! Yo t'aint smells like 10 pounds of rotten shit!"
by Johnny Longbow December 09, 2005
81 77
The stretch of skin joining two legs.
Tain't pink and tain't stink.
by Steve Savoy November 27, 2005
38 34
The stretch of skin between anus and testicles.
'Tain't your penis, 'tain't your butt.
by StankAssGStringsAreMyFetish June 25, 2010
3 1
The little patch of skin between the genitalia and the anus. Was at one time gender neutral, though is now more used in reference to the female, having been replaced by "chode" for the male.
I ate her pussy, he taint and her asshole, in that order.
by brownwings March 14, 2011
3 2
First off, not found on a woman. The Tain't is the part between the man's balls and his asshole and is said to be extremely sensitive during and right after ejaculation. Duh.
Baby, please push on my Tain't when you do that. Please.
by Ginger Riverside June 26, 2005
42 41