A very nasty little area b/w either a mans asshole and nards, or b/w a womans brown eye and fun slit
"Damn! Yo t'aint smells like 10 pounds of rotten shit!"
by Johnny Longbow December 09, 2005
The stretch of skin joining two legs.
Tain't pink and tain't stink.
by Steve Savoy November 27, 2005
The stretch of skin between anus and testicles.
'Tain't your penis, 'tain't your butt.
by StankAssGStringsAreMyFetish June 25, 2010
The verb to taint means to spend time somewhere for the purpose of finding the next sexual encounter.

Derived from the noun taint which represents the anatomical area between two sexual parts ( the balls and anus or the vagina and anus).

When a person meets a person online to hook up sometimes they don't like who they met or they meet someone and are still seeking a sexual experience and prefer to avoid going home to go back online before going out again. They haven't yet found the next hookup so they go somewhere to spend the time between hookups and to find the next one. This often occurs at a Starbucks or McDonalds or some other place where there is internet access and where they can look for their next hook up online.
After work I didn't feel like driving home for an hour only to come back to the city, so I just tainted at Starbucks until I found a trick.

The guy looked nothing like his pictures at all, so I just tainted online at McDonalds where I found my current boyfriend David.

When the guy didn't show, why did you go home and have to answer all the questions about going out again. You should have just tainted at the pizza place. They have free Wi-Fi now.
by sexydognyc September 22, 2013
The little patch of skin between the genitalia and the anus. Was at one time gender neutral, though is now more used in reference to the female, having been replaced by "chode" for the male.
I ate her pussy, he taint and her asshole, in that order.
by brownwings March 14, 2011
First off, not found on a woman. The Tain't is the part between the man's balls and his asshole and is said to be extremely sensitive during and right after ejaculation. Duh.
Baby, please push on my Tain't when you do that. Please.
by Ginger Riverside June 26, 2005
The flap of skin between your pussy and your asshole.
Girl you have a saggy taint!
by skishbot55 March 26, 2014

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