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the space in between your balls and butthole
my taint is hairy
by shark bait ho haha February 24, 2010
the perineum, the space between the genitals and the anus an the muscles that lie underneath
"Let me tell you, my taint was sore after taking a such a long walk in the hot humid weather".
by The Return of Light Joker March 30, 2010
The area located between the vagina and the bunghole. 'taint pussy and taint ass The part of a woman's anatomy that touches the bicycle seat.
"I've ridden this piece of shit bike so far, I have blisters on my taint!!!
by Jaraldo March 31, 2003
bit between a lady's cuckoo and her poopoo. (see Barse)
It Tain't arse and it Tain't 'gina. (see Barse)
by [D] Mr Cream T October 14, 2003
Acronym standing for "Touchdown after interception."

Originally thought up by Bill Simmons as T.I.N.T or "touchdown interception."
Damn, Brett Farve just threw another T.A.I.N.T! That's at least 40 in his career.
by Johnnnnny S October 10, 2008
a slang used to refer to the perineum, the part of the body between the anus and genital organs, overlying the pubococcygeal muscle. This term supposedly originates from the fact that, "'Tain't your balls, and 'tain't your ass," "'tain't" being a contraction of "it" and "ain't", in this case, meaning "it is not."
SON: "Hey Dad, how come they call it a taint?"

FATHER: "Well son, 'cause 'tain't your balls, and 'tain't your ass."

SON: "Oh."
by HyaenusDominae August 20, 2010
The sixth step in the tweeting following tweet, twat, kilotwat, megatwat and gigatwat. Equal to 10 billion twats or 10 trillion tweets.
The twitter-sphere reached two taints today after Kim Kardashian's breast implants exploded on an airplane.
by agentkooper May 17, 2010