1)The difference maker between the vagina and the anus, or the Ball sack and another anus
2)A jumping-off point, a place of decision
3)Sweaty region that is curiously intriguing to its owner
1)He has learned that starting from the front was crucial, as one time he had boldly worked his way from the asshole forward, only to encounter a man-sized taint.
2)The presidential candidate announced that he had moved beyond his own taint, and was ready to make the sacrifice for the good of the country. He was entering the fray, and would help to heal the taints of the American people.
3)He could not help but do a quick taint test during his filibuster, and for that Senator Strom's reputation was forever tainted.
by Pantaloon January 07, 2008
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The area between the nutsack and asshole that prevent a man from shitting on his nuts. See durf.
If it wasn't for the taint, my nuts would reek of poo!
by Jesus September 16, 2003
A taint is the stretch of skin found only on women between the pussy and the asshole. The term originated from the phrase "taint an asshole and taint a pussy." In contrast the skin between the scrotum and asshole on a man is referred to as the "gooch" and first known usage is a reference to Bob "the gooch" Guccione the owner/publisher of Penthouse. His employees and acquaintances couldn't quite decide if he was more of an asshole or a dick, a general consensus eventually formed that he was both and "everything in between," hence the gooch.
Q: Hey lady, do you know why the piece of skin between your vagina and anus is called a taint?

A: Because it taint a pussy, and it taint an asshole.
1. On a man, the area between the sack and the crack
2. On a woman, the area between the giney and the heinie
Damn, my taint is sweaty.
by Mighty John John August 11, 2005
't aint quite your arse and 't aint quite your bollocks it that bit in between
Pass me that cactus.... i have an itchy taint
by Stuart_The_man_you_love_to_hate November 14, 2003
the perineum - the area betwwen the genitals and anus, male or female, although the term is said to orginate from the saying "It ain't pussy and t'aint ass..."
A hairy taint is a blivet hazard
by H R Boyle January 20, 2005
the spot between the pussy and the asshole
taint the pussy taint the ass
by rhd April 01, 2006
the space between the vagina and the rectum.
taint pussy, taint ass.
by acemery January 28, 2005

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