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A person who is obssesed with keeping the tags on certain products.
-Hey Mark, did you get that camera for Christmas this year?
-No, I got it last year.
-Well, then why are the tags still on it?
-Oh, I'm a Tag Fag!

by Ms. Tess December 28, 2008
A male homosexual who is constantly worried about what clothing and accessories are fashionable and what are not.
Oh my god, Johnny, quit fussing over your Prada shoes. You're a total tag fag!
by godo1989 August 07, 2006
Someone who over-excessively uses TAG (including AXE) body sprays, believing they will enhance their social image.
John: Oh God, what's that smell?

Randy: What? You don't like my new TAG Body Spray?

John: Hell no! What did you do, use half of the fuckin' bottle? You're such a TAG Fag, Randy.
by thatchickfromtheclub December 12, 2009
A derogatory term for any person who sprays or scribbles a crew or name tag on other people's properties, as opposed to someone who takes his time to spray a creative, well done graffiti.
The RX-1 and Irak crews are full of tag fags.
by Desno September 28, 2013
n. From a reference to wall tags (see tag: graffiti alias, or a literal nom de plume). A tag-fag is someone who tags repeatedly in close proximity.
"I'm so tired of seeing that 'Landlord' tagged everywhere. What a tag-fag!"
by yhbMuted.0x029A November 22, 2009
One who tags every fucking picture in Facebook.
"Hey Janice, you're a Tagfag; you tagged like 20 people in one photo!"
by Brian J Roberts October 27, 2007
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