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A video game company that used to make toys and other products. They make great games and they're my personal favorite company. Unfortunately, idiots hate Nintendo, because if a little kid can enjoy Mario or Zelda, that must mean Nintendo is kiddy, right? Well fuck you, Nintendo is awesome.
Idiot: Hi, I hate Nintendo because they're all kiddy and the are t3h suck!
Me: Shut the hell up. You go play your shitty ass Madden games while I enjoy a game of The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past.
#nintendo #video games #toys #games #gaming #cards #fun
by LoganR93 July 05, 2011
A political magazine disguised as a music magazine.
Every time I look at a Rolling Stone, I swear there are more political articles than music articles. I don't read a MUSIC magazine for the fucking politics. I read it for the MUSIC.
#rolling stone #political magazine #music magazine #overrated #music #magazine #politics
by LoganR93 September 10, 2011
An amazing grunge metal band from Seattle. Frontman Tad Doyle was notable for being over 300 pounds and kicking ass. Tad was an awesome band, but unfortunately, they never really became popular outside of Seattle and among grunge fans. They're notable for not going towards the alternative and punk side of grunge, similar to other grunge metal bands like Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, My Sister's Machine, and Gruntruck. I wish they still made music, because they kicked ass.
Person 1: You know, Tad and Nirvana actually played a show together in the 80's and they thought that Tad was more talented.
Person 2: I really can't disagree. Tad is fucking awesome.
Person 1: Yeah, too bad they never got the recognition they deserved,
#tad #grunge #grunge metal #metal #seattle #kickass #music #tad doyle #underrated
by LoganR93 August 19, 2011
Don't let the other definition fool you. Arkanoid is a great Breakout style arcade game made by Taito in 1986 and has since been ported to pretty much every format known to man. It's a Breakout game, so you know that you have to hit the ball with a paddle (actually a spaceship named Vaus in Arkanoid) and break the blocks above, collecting powerups along the way. There's also a boss named DOH, which is a moai. It's probably the best Breakout game of all time.
I want to play some Arkanoid. It's awesome.
#arkanoid #breakout #doh #taito #arcade #1986 #vaus #fun #awesome #many ports
by LoganR93 September 10, 2011
A beautiful black lesbian.
Ebonesbians are hot, especially with white lesbians, because interracial lesbians are hot.
#ebony #lesbian #ebonesbian #hot #sexy #boner #black #interracial
by LoganR93 October 29, 2011
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