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Why is System of a Down such a good band? Let me count the ways...

1.) All of their band members are awesome at what they do. Daron is renowned for his creativity with the guitar, Shavo is a great bassist who is very entertaining to watch, John is as fast and talented a drummer as anyone out there you can name, and Serj speaks for himself, with one of the coolest voices in metal music.

2.) SOAD doesn't rely on corny "extras" that nu-metal is known for, like turn tables, goofy sound effects and bad attempts at rapping. Their success is owed solely to their talent.

3.) They're not angsty like most nu-metal bands, and they don't whine about how depressed they are or how they feel like they're going insane... if you want that BS, listen to Slipknot and Linkin Park. The subject matter of System's music is abstract and spans many topics and issues.

4.) They have a sense of humor and innovation. Some of their songs are simply weird and funny. They're definately not afraid to do something different, and it works for them.
System of a Down is so much better than other nu-metalers that it makes people wonder if they could even be called nu-metal.
by johnny January 23, 2005
508 140
SOAD are the best band there has ever been and ever will be!
Nobody in the whole world can top them!
System are NOT pop! In anyway or form...yes they have been on MTV a few times that dont make them pop!
Anybody willing to slag them off at all! Will be shot!
System of a down is such a good band:p
by Puddle May 11, 2004
450 160
Without a doubt, the best nu-metal band (and band in general) to ever grace foolish America with its music. Serj Tankian is trying to steer America off its path to destruction through his unbelievable (and true) lyrics, and the band's sounds are kick-ass besides!
I suddenly realized all of America's problems after I picked up that System of a Down CD.
by third_ech3lon January 29, 2005
405 190
A band with one of the most unique music styles ever, mixing Middle-Eastern and Armenian with Metal. Sometimes the music is calm, sometimes its angry and sometimes its crazy (like the song "Johnny"). Usually they scream a lot and then go calm, probably because their throats hurt.
There is meaning to System of a Down's lyrics, listen to "Boom!" and "Chic n' Stu" (though I doubt most of you droids couldn't interpret that song).
by Didda Tinkle June 06, 2004
260 97
The only band I have heard in YEARS that speaks to me. Their words and sounds are mystical, etherial, a challenge to grasp...but they fill me with music and some days, the will too live. Say what you will about them, to me they are the closest thing to heaven I know...and I am an athiest.
All we need is inner vision...like System of a Down. Don't hate them because their beautiful.
by BHEENHA January 10, 2004
320 167
the best metal band you can found out there, with a distinct sound un-matched by anything ever.
That System of a Down concert was the best thing ever, it's a shame they don't go on tour more often
by Crazyguitarsolo January 15, 2004
297 165
The best band ever! Hands down.
Hey dicklips don't talk about soad they pwn your noob ass.
by i know where you live April 14, 2004
247 135