Top Definition
1. A misspelling of "dissect."
2. To fuck the clit.
John: Hey Jill, would you like to perform a disection?
Jill: That's spelled dissection.
John: Oh. Hey, how did you know I misspelled it when I only said it?
Jill: I don't know. Want to fuck my clit?
John: OK.
by LobsterMobster May 30, 2008
it means 2 pipe a bitch
guy1:famz yo i luv my girl nichole
guy2:nichole who live by 7-11
guy2:yo dead her son i was talkn 2 her d otha day i went ova her house
guy1:did u disect?
guy2:yeah son
by Kool-Aid September 19, 2004
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