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A band whose musical influence hail from Armenia. Their lyrics are open to interpretation and speak of politics, religion and experiences. System of a Down's lyrics are subject to debate because they rely heavily on interpretation *1. As is their music, although the basic chords and repetitive nature contributes well towards emphasis and overall catchiness of the song *2. Their music cannot be easily categorised with "fellow" bands Slipknot and Korn. Despite popular belief, their music fluctuates from song to song, depending on the theme ("Mind" to "Roulette". They are atheists and on the whole against the way that the world is governed. Such popular songs include "Chop Suey" and "Toxicity." Their name derives from a poem called "Victims of a Down"

Serj Tankian - Vocals, keyboards
John Dolmayan - Drum
Daron Malakian - Guitar, vocals
Shavo Odadjian - Bass

All of whom descend from Armenia.
1. "Somewhere between the sacred silence, scared silence and sleep"
2. "I need to fuck the sys, I need to fuck the sys, I need to fuck the sys."
by Lyle August 23, 2004
composure; poise; sangfroid
He handled that difficult situation with applomb
by Lyle August 23, 2004
French: 13th centenary.

A hollow sound that comes from the deepest part of a dry, smelly caves. Is normally caused by snails failing from the ceiling and striking the floor. Was regarded to early man as the sommoning noises of the Earth God.
Mark tumbed through the dictionary, searching in vein for a word he knew not. Through his journey of the enlightenment of the English language he stumbled into an empty cave, where in he heard an impeech. He should have realized the absence of danger, but ran because of the native's warning. The old, French natives.
by Lyle December 24, 2004
To commit unlawful sodomy with a family member, such as your stepdaughter.
Well, bill sure durlerized his kid.
by Lyle December 30, 2003
A insulting and degrading word which should only be used in the most extreme of circumstances. Although this word is thrown about loosely by lyle and lolic
"You're such a braino"
by Lyle August 21, 2004

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