Alternative Music. Great Band

Serj Tankian- lead vocals
Daron Malakian- guitar, backing vocals
Shavo Odadjian- bass
John Dolmayan- drums
"Banana banana banana TERICOTTA, banana TERICOTTA TERICOTTA PIE"
Person 1 "Lets listen to system of a down"
Person 2 "who?"
Person 1 plays cd
Person 2 "They're f***ing awesome!!"
by £iÄnÅ November 19, 2006
okay, i am gettin really pissed off at all the people who are starting to dislike system because of listen up all you retards. This song stands for BRING YOUR OWN BOMB, i have heard countless people say that system is a sell out band because of that song, that song is fuckin amazing. I live for rap music, but system is the only band that i listen to that isn't rap (50 cent is gay, tony yayo is gay, lloyd banks is amazing, and Luda is the best). But if you ever actually read or listen to the lyrics of this kick-ass band you will understand the fucking meaning of their songsSo pretty much what I'm tryin to say to all you retards out there that hate system because you can't understand them is..........READ BETWEEN THE LINES FUCKTARDS!
fucktard: I don't like system of a down anymore because of BYOB.
ME: 'pulls out pickaxe and sticks it in fucktards eyeball'
by mike "the mexican" martin June 19, 2006
A good modern alt-metal band from armenia. songs are generally very catchy but with cryptic lyrics from a derranged mind.
System of a Down's next album is due late 2004-early 2005.
by heya August 25, 2004
A cool Rock band, only called "Pop" by rich christian ass-rapers that like to suck cock and love the system.
Damn, Im such an ass-Raper so i hate SOAD.
by Red Hot Chili Pepper September 09, 2003
System of a Down

proper noun: Popular American musical act variously labeled as rock, hard rock, metal, or (rarely) punk. Most popular songs include, "Chop Suey" and "Toxicity"

*Footnote: Once labeled by Liam Gallagher of Oasis as the worst band in history. Love SOAD? Love Oasis? Hate em' all? Interpret as desired.
by Silent_Bob July 07, 2003
They're the best!! I love them! le meilleur groupe au monde qui respecte son public et qui lui donne tout ce qu'il attend!!
They're my force, my reason of living, I looooooooooove theeem!
by shiva December 29, 2003
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