An LA based band whose music once possessed a unique and original blend of armenian and metal influences with deep political subject matter.

But now (November 2005) has abandonned their raw sounding roots towards more melodic/pop vocal directions due to the lead guitarists (Daron Malakian) change in musical taste, although still holding true to their original political lyrical content.

SOAD fan 1 : The New Album Rocks!! System of a Down Rules!! So do Deftones and Mars Volta!! Yea!!

Soad fan 2 : What the hell are you talking about, the first album was the best. They sounded like Slayer, now they sound like everything else on the radio.

Soad fan 3 : You're both whack. Just shut up and enjoy the music.
by Zareh November 14, 2005
a great band of armenians(best race out there) who is rebel but doesnt sing about rebeling against your parents, they sing about how the government does horrific things
by metaljunkie999 October 26, 2003
Okay, a lot of wrong definitions here, most of which are just opinion rather than stating what System of a Down actually are. Here, I'll write a real definition (with my extra opinion, of course), rather than just saying "omfgz dey r da bezt!!!11" with no intelligent information or input whatsoever.

System of a Down are an experimental alt-metal/alt-rock band (no, they are NOT pop or nu-metal, before you start calling them nu-metal learn what the genre actually means) from Los Angles, California. They formed in 1995 and have released five studio albums to date. Some people are saying they're from Armenia, some people are saying that they're not. Let me get this straight... Serj (lead singer) and John (drummer) were both born in Lebanon. Shavo (bassist) was born in Yerevan, Armenia. Daron (guitarist) was born in Hollywood. Although, all band members ARE OF ARMENIAN ANCESTRY. They combine some middle-eastern elements in their music, also drawing influences from jazz, folk, blues and industrial.

Now for my personal opinion. System are an amazing band, and my favourite right now. I've been listening to them for nearly a year, maybe a bit longer. Although maybe in a few months time they might not be my favourite band anymore, they'll still be pretty damn great no matter how many times I listen to them. Yes, they've got a bit of commercial success. So what. When I first started listening to them I had no idea that they were popular. I'm fed up of hearing "they're popular, therefore they can't be good". That's bullshit. It's exactly the kind of crap you hear from small minded music snobs.

What also annoys me to no end are the stupid poser kids running around claiming to be their "#1 fan", whereas most likely they've only heard Chop Suey or BYOB. Good songs yes, but as a matter of fact, they have much, much better songs. If you're into heavier stuff (than say, Toxicity) listen to some of their self-titled album. One of the best albums ever created. And before you call yourself a fan listen to at least a few tracks off of each album (which, by the way, are all awesome).

(1998) System of a Down
(2001) Toxicity
(2003) Steal This Album!
(2005) Mezmerize
(2005) Hypnotize

Also, yes, some songs do have silly lyrics (Fuck the System, Vicinity of Obscenity, etc), which I personally have no problem with. But if you don't like it, don't judge them so quickly. Check out the lyrics for deeper songs such as Spiders, Mind, Aerials, Highway Song to name a few. Pure poetry. What I'm trying to say is don't judge System by the songs you heard on MTV or whatever. Listen to their less popular stuff then see what you think. Peace.
The purest forms of life,
Our days are never coming back...
~Highway Song (Steal This Album!, 2003)

System of a Down are definitely among the greatest, most intelligent and original bands ever.
by Stuuuuuuuuuuuuuart February 23, 2007
Okay people, before just saying the band sucks in the description, learn some punctuation first. Also, get your mothers to help you put some sentences together and to learn how to spell...christ...

System of a down are an amazing band of Armenian descent. With each new album they try to combine different types/genres of music to appeal to lots of different types of people. Indeed, some of the songs lyrics are mad/funny, but the majority have deep meanings to them.
SOAD hater: OMG!!!!1111 LYK SISTUM OF A DOWEN R LYK PROPA SHYT!!!!!1111111111
SOAD fan: What type of music/bands do you like? *Listens to System of a Down*
SOAD hater: Bakstret bois!!!!!11
SOAD fan: Interesting taste *throws up*
by 666Vamp666 January 01, 2006
A political and anti-war band, who YES sometimes sing about drugs and nothing, but many of their songs encourage recognition of genocide, such as the Armenian Genocide. The members themselves are Armenian, and live in the USA. All 4 members lost family during the genocide. They are a metal/heavy metal/rock/in their own genre/alternative/"nu-metal" band.
Their song B.Y.O.B (Bring your Own Bombs) clearly shows their views of war, as it is a song written to protest the war in Iraq.
Me: Hey, did you know System of a Down are starring in a new movie?

You: No, what is it?

Me: It's called Screamers, about Genocides.

You: I shall go watch it.

Me: Yes, You should.
by Become a Screamer November 25, 2006

A Nu-Metal band of Armenian ethnicity. Known for their unique styles of playing and thought out and meaningful (albeit cryptically) lyrics.

System of a Down pwns d4 l3w7 sh17.
by YO August 24, 2003
The Led Zeppelin of the 90's, unique, awesome, and will live on for the rest of eternity as one of the greatest bands of all time.
person a: which was the last original band to come out this century?
person b: well that would definately have to be System of a Down
by Layf October 11, 2006

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