what the fuck? how can soad be pop?have u heard suger,shimmy,toxicitiy,chop suey or any of their songs for that matter?
gay kid:soad is pop!lets listen to linken park!
cool kid:go kill urself,no one luvs u.
by ScarryLarry October 10, 2003
How can SOAD be pop? EMINEM is pop.
How can SOAD be Nu-metal? Linkin Park is (pussy) Nu-Metal
How can SOAD be punk?
SOAD is Pulp Fiction rock.
Pushing little children with their fully automatics -- they like to push the weak around.
by Hiro Protagonist August 16, 2003
the most unique and bad ass band ever. there music is considered metal but to tell you the truth they belong in there own genre of music because you just cant compare them to any other band out there and anyone who doesnt like them is either black no offense, or homosexual and if you dont like it you should at least appreciate them for being as incredibbly talented as they are. and even though i cant understand a good amount of what they are singing i go and look up the lyrics and it actually makes sense and some of it is pretty deep and political and other stuff like the song spiders i still dont quite understand but it still kicks ass. the drummers and guitars are so fast that i can hardly believe that serj tankian the lead singer can keep up but then again he is the most amazing singer ever

cant wait till there next album comes out because my friends and family are tired of me blasting hypnotize on my stereo and to tell you the truth i dont listen to alot more music other than soad because there is no other music like it and static-x because its kinda similar to soad. by the way wayne static the lead singer of static-x has the coolest hair ever

listem to there albums

steal this album
system of a down
system of a down pwns all other bands period
and rap is crap
serj tankian and the others system of a down are gods among men
by moeller crusader May 23, 2006
about the best metal band ever, mostly because not only are they incredibly talented but they're actually singing something with a message, they have political views which they wish to share, they dont sing about girls like car and money over boys with is complete bull shit anyway, anyone who has deffined system of a down as pop should go pull the giantic bug out of there ass!!!! they ARE authenic not like avril who ses that she i sand tries to be apunk and sings shit music
"our heritage, our politics, are really impotant, but our musical vibe together is our thing. our live preformances speak for themselves"
by wasteddevilducky July 22, 2004
since limp bizkit and korn etc are dying soad is the one of the few bands that spares you all from avril lavigne, the "the" bands and electronic music made by black people. but yet people complain about them being shown on mtv
think before you dis system of a down
by googoo July 10, 2003
An alternative/experimental metal band with 4 current members that stayed together since and brought back great music into the mainstread. All the members of SOAD are of Armenian heritage and are grandsons of Armenian Genocide survivors.

Their lyrics are somewhat simple yet they have a deep meaning once you finally get the point to those songs (which are either very, VERY political or social).

A ton of people confuse System of a Down as a nu metal band because they happen to debut their first album when a bunch of new bands amerged in the same year and they have somewhat similar styles... although SOAD has disnounced that they are nu metal.

They are currently on hiatus.

Oh, and they are as pop music as Britney Spears is to metal... nice thinking, retards.
Memebers: Serj Tankian, Daron Malakian, Shavo Odadjian, John Dolmayan

Albums: System of a Down, Toxicity, Steal This Album!, Mezmerize, Hypnotize
SOAD RULE!! who every tinks otherwise should be sent to hell and stay there for eternity because of their crimes against nature because system of a down rule.
" I hate System of a down they suc........ aaaaaaaaaa the pain!"
by Shadowblade September 16, 2005
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