system of a down is , the fucking best band in all of existance..they are the best there ever will be and better than anything out..better then those shitty bands with crap lyrics singing about nothing..SOAD sings about society and corruption in politics things that MATTER not to mention the fact they have AWESOME guitarests and ever BETTER vocals! very original songs i havent heard ne thing like it...ever..simply put the best fucking band in existance..by the way its not pop dumbasses britney spears is pop....SOAD uncreative? HAHAH i laugh in the face of anyone that says that..no other band sings about what they sing about or play and sing like they do..Serj and Darren have such awesome voices and they sing great and Shavo John and Darren are great with their instruments..plus they have harmony in everyone of their songs..
system of a down owns all and all u pop/poser/rap bitches can go to hell
by SyStEmOfAdOwNoWnSyOu November 30, 2004
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a wicked band that are as already stated anti american and all ppl who dont like this are patriotic fuck go and fuck ur sisters u stupid rednecks
yea sugar is so fucking wicked
by sven June 11, 2004
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a fairly mainstream alternative rock band. commonly associated with nu metal, because of its likeness to korn.
this band is sometimes referred to as a "gateway" band along with marilyn manson, because it brings people to heavier music such as death and black metal.
while it has achieved commercial success, many "true metalheads" respect the band for being better than other popular nu metal acts.

lyrics and music are well-written (compared to other mainstream bands) and are politically-influenced. the band is also known for its political activism with bringing recongition to the armenian genocide of 1915
Hope was a big System of a Down fan until she discovered better music.
by hope loves finntroll August 07, 2006
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they r the Gods of today!
"System of a down rite tru lyrics, not sum lame ass crap rittin by an emo kid complainin bou tevrythin."
by Courtney.S August 16, 2006
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band composed of insane, crazy people with a very wise insight into the political world in which we live today. they be crazy, but their music fucking rocks. definitely not a sell-out band, and for those of you who are poorly enlightened in this field of music the day this classifies as pop is the day i shove a hot rusty poker up my ass, stick a needle down the little hole at the end of my dick and chop my balls off with a blunt machete. it is not pop in any way shape or form. i dont see where people get these things from...
random dickhead:Did ya hear? System of a Down have classed themselves as a pop band!
me: got a needle?
by fuck the new world order September 26, 2009
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System of a Down are my favourite band. They have a very unique style so they cannot be put into any genre, but if i had to, i would say they are closest to alternative metal.

To the people who say that System's lyrics have very little or no meaning. Try reading the lyrics.

For the person who said about Cigaro. When they say 'my cock is much bigger than yours' and 'my shit stinks much better than yours' they are saying that worlds leaders argue over petty things, not necessary human waste or genetalia, that was just to make the song amusing- the song is meant to be half-amusing, half-serious.

They are not sellouts. They are not Nu-Metal, they just happened to appear at the time Nu-Metal was emerging.

I think they are the best band this century, even though they appeared in the 90's.

This is the list of the S.O.A.D albums, in order of how good they are, in my opinion.

1. Toxicity
2. Self-Titled (System of a Down)
3. Steal This Album!
4. Mesmerize
5. Hypnotize
For a very good song from System of a Down, listen to Sugar.
by Adam March 18, 2007
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shitty band, annoying vocals, every song is the same shit over and over, guitarist sucks and his voice sounds like his balls are being crushed, band hates america so much they should get the fuck out and stop bitching, luckily the dumb bastards are breaking up, lead singer should go back to lebonon and get shot...
thank god system of a down broke up cause they really sucked.
by soad sucks July 26, 2006
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