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A freaking awesome band. Their lyrics dont make sense half of the time unless u think about them. Their political views are great as everyone has stated, but nobody gave an example. The lyrics to "Prison Song" are incredibly true.

"All research and sucsessful drug policys show that treatment should be increased!
And law enforcement decreased while abolishing, mandatory, minimum sentences!
Utilizing drugs to pay for secret wars around the world, drugs are now ur global policy now u plice the globe!
Drug money is used to rig elections and train brutal corporate sponsor dictators around the world!"

Let's get right to the point. Even though every single one of them are going to hell, their music is the BEST. Heavy metal band that is enjoyed by EVERYONE. The screaming and heavy instrument playing is simple amazing.


Descriptions of albums
Self Titled - Freaking awesome lyrics and VERY heavy.
Toxicity - More political.
Steal this Album - Lose the screaming...but still have some good songs. They get soft in a few songs, though.
Hey, System of a Down r00lz, u should SO listen to their Self titled Album.
by I_LOVE_SAGGY_BOOBS December 01, 2004
When u do a donut and pretend it is some asian chick in 8th grade.

Paul Espinosa.
Omg wth did u have to do that?!?!? Ur such a Paul Espinosa...I mean..pastry fucker
by I_LOVE_SAGGY_BOOBS December 25, 2004

One who sags.


The act of making someone sag
OMG!!!!!!! Ur grandmas such a sagger because of her SAGGAY BOOBAYS
by I_LOVE_SAGGY_BOOBS November 30, 2004

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