SOAD is a politically correct metal band that is so asskicking its not even funny
Man 1 "Do you like system of a down"
Man 2 "No its stupid...hey what are you doing with that gun? Hey dont point that at me"
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The Led Zeppelin of the 90's, unique, awesome, and will live on for the rest of eternity as one of the greatest bands of all time.
person a: which was the last original band to come out this century?
person b: well that would definately have to be System of a Down
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by Layf October 11, 2006
The greatest band in history. They combine a great metal and alternative sound with powerful and meaningful lyrics.
"Dude, have you heard System of a Down lately"
"Yeah their stuff is great!"
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by Jerimiah Tubberfield October 03, 2006
Okay, first off, System Of A Down is a fucking amazing band with meaningful lyrics, and very talented band members, like Daron Malakian, who is like one of the best fucking guitarist out there now. But for the people who hate them, they can go fuck themselves, you obviously don't know what real music is, So go listen to your gay backstreet boys shit, and buttfuck your homo friends
Some Good System Of A Down Songs Are:

She's Like Heroin and
Soldier Side(Hypnotize)
And there are many more good songs, so listen to them!!!
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by SOAD_Kicks_Ass September 11, 2006
I will try to leave opinion out of this until the end.

System of a Down has made 11 albums (6 of which are demo albums). As time went on, most would say they got more popular, but made less quality music. System of a Down has many different types of music (it's hard to believe that Lost in Hollywood and Sugar are the same band). System of a Down has evolved quite a bit from their first album. Before anyone insults them, listen to at least 2 songs from each of their albums. Before you compliment them, do the same. Don't say they're sellouts. They gained popularity, but what else would you expect from a band?

Now for opinion.
System is amazing, and has lots of talent. They've been my favorite band since I first heard them. I frequently listen to each and every one of their songs. System is one of the best bands ever. They don't like saying what their songs are about (they prefer to leave them for the listener to interpret), and try hard not to say. Some of their songs are about drugs (Prison Song), some about sex (Bounce), some about genocide (PLUCK), some about nothing (Vicinity of Obscenity). I recommend their unreleased works; they're much better.
System of a Down's albums (demos excluded)

System of a Down - 1998
Toxicity - 2001
Steal this Album! - 2002
Mezmerize - 2005
Hypnotize - 2005
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by systemicfailure April 29, 2009
system of a down is , the fucking best band in all of existance..they are the best there ever will be and better than anything out..better then those shitty bands with crap lyrics singing about nothing..SOAD sings about society and corruption in politics things that MATTER not to mention the fact they have AWESOME guitarests and ever BETTER vocals! very original songs i havent heard ne thing like it...ever..simply put the best fucking band in the way its not pop dumbasses britney spears is pop....SOAD uncreative? HAHAH i laugh in the face of anyone that says other band sings about what they sing about or play and sing like they do..Serj and Darren have such awesome voices and they sing great and Shavo John and Darren are great with their they have harmony in everyone of their songs..
system of a down owns all and all u pop/poser/rap bitches can go to hell
by SyStEmOfAdOwNoWnSyOu November 30, 2004
a fairly mainstream alternative rock band. commonly associated with nu metal, because of its likeness to korn.
this band is sometimes referred to as a "gateway" band along with marilyn manson, because it brings people to heavier music such as death and black metal.
while it has achieved commercial success, many "true metalheads" respect the band for being better than other popular nu metal acts.

lyrics and music are well-written (compared to other mainstream bands) and are politically-influenced. the band is also known for its political activism with bringing recongition to the armenian genocide of 1915
Hope was a big System of a Down fan until she discovered better music.
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by hope loves finntroll August 07, 2006
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