Technically a stuffy plural form of "ignoramus", the word "ignorami" is more useful as term for ignoramuses as a class, along the lines of the "Illuminati".
While intellectuals can be obnoxious, it is hard to pick on them, since that amounts to siding with the ignorami.
by WileCoyote May 18, 2012
What ignoramuses think is the plural of ignoramus because it sounds better. Should they not be so ignorant to look it up in a common dictionary, they will see just how wrong they are.
Term used by ignoramuses.
by Gumba Gumba February 24, 2004
Pseudo-intellectuals. So called because of their tendency to use stigmae, mandami, ignorami, omnibi, viri, operae, cauci, and other overuse of the "-us to -i, -a to -ae, -um to -a" classical rule.
If every word ending in -us becomes -i, is the plural of bus bi?
by Xyzzy May 05, 2005
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