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a beautiful woman known for her great attitude and very high i.q
yo,that halle is gonna be mine!
by Hollie Sean November 18, 2007
An amazing girl who brightens up a room with a simple smile people love to be around a Halle and her vibe makes ANYONE feel at ease, she has charasamatic personality able to chat up any Guy she wants, other girls hate to admit but are quite jealous of her social skills, she is quite beautiful but can never see it herself and is often Black or Mixed Race she is very intelligent when she wants to be and has a strange taste in clothing :)
Boy 1: who were ya talking too Dude?
Boy 2: Just the most amazing girl you'll ever meet
Boy 1: lemme guess... a Halle?

Boy 2: haha Yes
by Justalittlebitofnufin December 07, 2010
one word sums this chicka up and thats amazing. she has a heart of gold and the most amazing smile ever! she brings joy to a depressed place and brings out the best in everyone, people often try very hard to put her down but somehow she gets back up stronger than ever ready to fight her next battle. Halle in scandanivian means hero and in zulu means unexpected delight and thats exactly what She is a Hero to many and a delight to all she meets. the only flaw is the fact that when she wants something she will do ANYTHING to get it, nothing can stop her.
Serty: Yo Mann Halle was just here
Arthur: is that why you're smiling?
by Jeremy McNaught March 29, 2011
Halle's are the most affectionate and heartfelt people you will ever meet. They are fun to be around and make everyone's day brighter by just being in the room. Halle has very good social skills and some girls are very jealous of it and hate to admit it; She has many friends that are guys. She is there for you even if you threw her under the bus. She will help you do anything. Halle's are mostly mixed race and have a strange taste in clothing. They will not let you fool them either. They know exactly when you are lying and when you are telling the truth. They are very random and outgoing, just generally fun to be around. Halle's are beautiful inside and out but hate to admit it.
Guy1: Damn, Halle is so cool!
Guy2: I know, get at her!
Guy1: Ok!
by Jacelyn1902 May 29, 2012
Girls named Halle are very fun to be around. They are beutiful inside and out. They love to go on adventures. They make great friends. They are animal lovers and are very unique. They love stuffed animals and make great MOMs.
I love Halle, Shes a great mom!
by someone2362 March 30, 2013
a very attractive woman who is usually black
oh, look at her, she must be a Halle.
by Africa798 August 04, 2010
scientific prefix for 10^-27, the counterpart of Hella- (which is the prefix for 10^27)
the mass of an individual proton is about 1.67x10^-27g, or 1.67 halle-grams (hallegrams)
by cygnusalpha March 05, 2010