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When someone steals something from you.


When someone cuts you off on the road/freeway.


When somebody does something to you unexpectedly.

(If you have been swooped more than once in any way possible in less than 24 hours, then you have been Swoopanopalized!)
Dad, You will never believe what happened to me at the airport... ...some homeless guy bumped into me and swooped my wallet without me even knowing! Now I'll be sleeping on the streets unless you wire me some money.


WHAT THE HECK! That fool just cut me off merging onto the freeway! He almost made me swerve off the road! That turd.


Dang it! That chick totally just swooped me for that parking spot I was about to pull into.
by Camonick April 13, 2009
When someone gets swooped more than once in one day.
Man, Iv'e been Swoopanopalized! That guy swooped my wallet out of my pocket without me knowing, and that other guy swooped my parking spot earlier today, and my girlfriend swooped right on top of my lap when I was trying to watch T.V. At least I can't complain about that latter to much.
by Camonick April 13, 2009
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