a word meaning extremley built, buff, and muscular. Mostly used by baseball players or female friends of baseball players.
Damn someone's gettin swole
by itsme234 October 16, 2010
Derogatory term used for a rigged cunt that kicks trees down with his shins.
"Wow Andrews looking swole!" "Nah mate that's a fucking oak tree."
by Grand father oak January 17, 2014
1. being angry or pissed
2. being sore or hurting
1. yo when he got beat for $10 he was swole as hell
2. Yo I was swole from all that liftin
by Jeremiah May 23, 2003
A type of meal made from primarily noodles and chips. Originated from inmates using whatever they had in their canteen to make something filling.
S: Baby, what are you doing. Stop makin that swole, you aint locked no more.

I: Aw damn, well you gonna cook for me then Bunny?
by SnObunnY May 03, 2006
Hip-Hop Recording Artist, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA ( 818 )
by Anonymous October 25, 2003
when something is as swollen as it can get
man his eye is all swole up
by J.F. February 11, 2003
A very large man who doesn't have any balls due to over usage of steroids.
Derek considers himself swole, but he's actually a very large chode!
by JBus February 27, 2014

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