A very large man who doesn't have any balls due to over usage of steroids.
Derek considers himself swole, but he's actually a very large chode!
by JBus February 27, 2014
Jon: Did you see judith?
Tom: Ya I have a swole
by Big Jerry G April 28, 2010
angry, upset, surprised.. may be used many ways
"(i am) swole sarah got braces"
"i'm so swole i slept in til 2"
"swole ms. banazcek made me pick up the trash"
by alison March 16, 2004
Hip-Hop Recording Artist, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA ( 818 )
by Anonymous October 25, 2003
To be made a fool of or embarrassed.
Dude, you were swole 'cause you thought that girl liked you!
by Joanne February 26, 2005
when something is as swollen as it can get
man his eye is all swole up
by J.F. February 11, 2003
to be extremely angry, when no words can defined how angry you are.
Dude, I'm swole.
by gigglets September 21, 2010

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