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Another word for receptionist or secretary
We are getting too many phone calls coming in, where is the switch bitch?
by Dan July 12, 2005
Switchbitch is another word for a remote control
Hey, I hate this program. Gimme the switchbitch!
by duygu1206 May 04, 2011
Person with whom one may have intercourse with while being on a "break" with it's stable partner
Manuel: I haven't had sex since two hours ago when I got in a fight with my girlfriend.

Xzibit: Damn nigger we gots ta gets you a switch bitch.
by tupacyupanqui October 22, 2008
A wishy-washy complicated man that can't make up his mind and switches from one decision to another.
Woman1:First he acts like a grown man, then he acts like he doesn't know what he wants.
Woman2: Yeah, he's a switchbitch for sure.
by ughbutter November 05, 2008