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the act of masturbating with ones non-dominant hand.
SIDNEY: What do you think Joe is doing to get off while he's on vacation with that broken arm?

NANCY: Probably switch hitting.
#masturbating #non-dominant #jacking-off #switch hitter #switch hitler
by runforcover June 13, 2012
The act of smoking two joints or blunts at once, but switching between them, as in taking a hit from one, then taking a hit from the other one.
"Dude, me and Mike were switch hitting like crazy! I got so high!"
#switch #hitting #weed #high #pot #cronic
by Will Sotter January 05, 2012
When a man and a woman and another man all have sex at the same time. Woman on bottom, then man 1 penetrates her, then man 2 penetrates him. Think of it as an open faced man-sandwich.
"Daryl and his girlfriend, and their bi-curious man friend Curtis, were switch hitting last night."
#swich #switch #hiting #hytting #threesome
by Mikey Mike McD January 11, 2006
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