An improvement upon the mouthful "Swedish Fish." Swish should be used in any situation where saying Swedish Fish would just take too much time.
"Hey, toss me the swish while you're up. "

"Remember, swish are part of a balanced, albeit chewy diet."
by tready124 May 07, 2013
To switch, as in changing topics in a conversation, or changing positions in a sport
Yeah, that's awkward...Swish, so did you hear about the new guy that Amber was hanging out with?
by originalcin July 07, 2012
When somebody says a good call or comeback
by Yeahprettymuch September 02, 2010
Another term describing the monkey scoop, This act occurs when a fart is let out and the owner uses his hand in a cupping motion to grab it and then proceeds to toss it in the face of a unlucky individual. (Caution, This act may induce vomitting)

Derived from the swish in basketball when the ball doesnt touch anything but the net when the player gets a point.

Swish is also a terrible tasting home made liquer.
"dude, I let one ripped after eatin burritos last night, it made for the perfect swish on megans face"

"I got a swish from half court to with the game! BOO-YA!"

"Man this swish tastes gross but it will get us sh*tfaced in no time"
by Swish Ninja Nick February 04, 2010
A total douche bag poser who acts like he doesn't give a crap about anything. A total player who will try to mess with your feelings and sometimes pretends to be a nice guy to get into your pants. This person thinks he is the greatest person alive and no one else matters.
I thought he was a really nice guy but then he started acting like a total swish bag who doesn't give a fudge about anything
by samyjoe69 November 29, 2014
The action of carrying out & completing a task that you have to do. Alternative expression for ticking something off a 'To Do' list.
Q: "Did you remember to buy some coffee today?
A: "Yes, I swished it earlier."
Q: "And did you get any sugar?"
A: "Oo no, I'll add it to my swish list and do it tomorrow."
by Stella-Bella! February 22, 2011
Something who thinks catapillar and ford are the best. Has never ran equipment in its life. Usually short and skinny with extremely hairy lower legs and a tiny penis.
He loves ford he's definaley a swish.
by Cassville October 01, 2010

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