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an expression of excitement; an exclamation of an event worth celebrating in the moment; to be rad.
1.AAHH, that rhyme was SWISH doggy dogg!

2.(after doing something cool)...SWISH!

3.Your new kicks are SWISH!
by Al gurl January 12, 2009
Something extremely awesome, impressive and satisfying, much like hearing a swish when you shoot in basketball.
Wow, these shoes are so comfortable and stylish. Pretty damn swish.
by MrWaffles February 24, 2014
When somebody says a good call or comeback
by Yeahprettymuch September 02, 2010
Another term describing the monkey scoop, This act occurs when a fart is let out and the owner uses his hand in a cupping motion to grab it and then proceeds to toss it in the face of a unlucky individual. (Caution, This act may induce vomitting)

Derived from the swish in basketball when the ball doesnt touch anything but the net when the player gets a point.

Swish is also a terrible tasting home made liquer.
"dude, I let one ripped after eatin burritos last night, it made for the perfect swish on megans face"

"I got a swish from half court to with the game! BOO-YA!"

"Man this swish tastes gross but it will get us sh*tfaced in no time"
by Swish Ninja Nick February 04, 2010
Swish is this old dirty, shitty tasting homemade liquor that you can barely get into you.
But my fuck does swish ever get you some drunk.
by matt November 28, 2005
Something who thinks catapillar and ford are the best. Has never ran equipment in its life. Usually short and skinny with extremely hairy lower legs and a tiny penis.
He loves ford he's definaley a swish.
by Cassville October 01, 2010
Also known as a Swishy or a Swisher or Swishin or swished or Swishing

The best basketball shot ever! Nothing but net baby....

Swish refers to being SHIT OUT OF LUCK

Also known as a little bastard, little shit or little fucker.

Swish is another verion for being very cool or hot

Swish is what you scream when you are pissed at something.

A breed of a dog, Miniture Pinchur, also know as a Min Pin.

A Swish is a type of dog that is known to be the life of the party. Crazy, uncontrollable, shit everywhere, piss everywhere, curious, playful, barker, leaper, funny, soft, furry, ect.

A swish is your own version of a snuggy

A Swish is what happens when your clothes or furniture have holes in them.
That Swishy is so cute.

Ahhh, Swishy!!!

What a little swish you are!!!

I am so swish

You are looking swishin tonight

I need to get a swish for a pet

You just swished all over

My leather couch just got swished.

I am so swish now.

My clothes were swished
by The Swish February 05, 2010