Swish (despite it's usual terms) has been used by internet gamers to define something as cool, out of the ordinary, or spectacular.
"That game was real swish dude, I wish we could play more."
"Swish! I just got a new item!"
by Amagadz October 05, 2006
An expression of happiness executed by thrusting the dominant arm forward at a 90 degree angle from the body and exclaiming loudly the word "SWISH"
60%! Swish! wait... sixty percent sucks... I'm gonna go cry now.
by nameless deity August 18, 2005
A very potent alcohol, generally made crudely by poor people or alcoholics. It's easily noticeable by the particles floating in the concoction.
Lukey is gettin tangly on da swish tonight budday.
by C-Dawg February 17, 2005
A program that aids in the production of flash movies.
He made his flash intro in swish, what a n00b
by shadowmancer January 17, 2004
Making a score, winning a round of mockery
Winning an argument
similar to zing
He made a swish when he argued with Bob.
by Aaron W. December 06, 2002
the two handed-motion described by drmomentum is actually a one-handed motiom, because you are pantomiming a basketball shot that goes in the basket, touching "nuthin' but net". drmomentum, it think, may be describing a gay man version of swish, in which the shooter has no basketball skills and is basically just throwing the ball up to the basket.
man, ace-ing that test was a total swish!
by jdlmx October 22, 2004
Used to express that a surprising victory or zinger has occurred.

(Usually accompanied by a two-handed gesture: both arms up, palms forward. Then, swing wrists so that your palms end facing the floor without moving your arms. Do this as you say "swish")
"She hid the beer, but I found it."

"Oh, swish!"
by DrMomentum June 02, 2004

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