To switch, as in changing topics in a conversation, or changing positions in a sport
Yeah, that's awkward...Swish, so did you hear about the new guy that Amber was hanging out with?
by originalcin July 07, 2012
Something who thinks catapillar and ford are the best. Has never ran equipment in its life. Usually short and skinny with extremely hairy lower legs and a tiny penis.
He loves ford he's definaley a swish.
by Cassville October 01, 2010
Also known as a Swishy or a Swisher or Swishin or swished or Swishing

The best basketball shot ever! Nothing but net baby....

Swish refers to being SHIT OUT OF LUCK

Also known as a little bastard, little shit or little fucker.

Swish is another verion for being very cool or hot

Swish is what you scream when you are pissed at something.

A breed of a dog, Miniture Pinchur, also know as a Min Pin.

A Swish is a type of dog that is known to be the life of the party. Crazy, uncontrollable, shit everywhere, piss everywhere, curious, playful, barker, leaper, funny, soft, furry, ect.

A swish is your own version of a snuggy

A Swish is what happens when your clothes or furniture have holes in them.
That Swishy is so cute.

Ahhh, Swishy!!!

What a little swish you are!!!

I am so swish

You are looking swishin tonight

I need to get a swish for a pet

You just swished all over

My leather couch just got swished.

I am so swish now.

My clothes were swished
by The Swish February 05, 2010
The word Swish derives from the term cool

Also related to words sweet, kewl, mad, etc.
BoB: check out my new single bed
Frank: did those urine stains come with it?
BoB: yer
Frank: ooh Swish dude!
by redevil01 <Philli August 04, 2003
acronym meaning single women in support of homosexuals
She might be a fag hag, I'd rather call her a S.W.I.S.H.
by Fincher April 05, 2006
a cheap cigar brand with gum-flavored wrapping usually used to roll joints/blunts.
"Gimme a swish cherry-gum for this green, crackalacka."
by dewek October 20, 2003
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