someone who swims in a chlorinated pool so often that their hair becomes an ugly shade of yellow and becomes all wirey. They also occasionally grow moles out of differant portions of their body (including the penis) but does not get acne all over the places of cheeks, forehead, or the genitals.
colby is a swimmer. he has a swimmers penis, everytime he turns around you can see his yellow pubic hair.

Colby swims so often that he got ugly yellow swimmer hair.
by Mark Schofield June 21, 2007
A swimmer is someone who got rejected from the basketball team during the winter sports season. "Mostly." Swimmers are the best "good-looking" athletes out of all sports.
Michael Phelps and Ian Thorpe
by John Beer March 15, 2005
Mostly wandering about 90% naked most of their lives, swimmers, in fact, are usually homosexual... especially ones by the name of Eddie. Some of them might have potential for great bedroom antics, but lack the skills to woo a woman... therefore resorting to masterbation or same-sex relationships with their colleagues.
The swimmer spent most of his day in the water with his team mates, therefore his oppurtunity-cost of working on women skills was spent practicing for the big meet.
by Aanik August 30, 2006
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