(verb) in greenwich "to swill" is to drink and/or get drunk. this term is mostly used in the public high school...therefore, when you use the term everybody knows where you're from.
dude we're getting swilled tonight!

are you guys going to swill at the party?
by gineen November 26, 2005
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the last quarter of your forty that typically tastes like shit
holy shit that is the worst fucking swill i have ever had in my life
by taste of orient April 21, 2003
1. (noun) cheap, crappy beer such as busch light or keystone light.

2. (verb) to drink alcohol quickly to get drunk.
1. (n.) Damn this busch light is some swill, next time buy some sierra nevada!

2. (v.) Yo, hurry up and swill that shit so we can go inside.
by J$$$$ October 28, 2003
adj. Anything bad, sub-standard or worthless.
Spike is swill. Crusher is not.
by Reverse April 10, 2005
to ingest large amounts of alcohol
are you going to swill that brew?

Wanna swill?

lets get swilled

im down for some swillage
by adfjkgh October 05, 2005
chinese grease, or anything smelling like santa's crack.
Wipe that SWILL off your bum bum.
by Ohpy Galella December 19, 2002
A male who has it all: class, is hot, comes off confident, and knows what he's doing. It is a combination if swag and chill. Usually this kind of guy wears Armani underwear and very fine clothing. A man/guy cannot be considered swill without such attire. Most girls seem to gravitate towards swill guys. Swill guys are the ultimate definition of hot.(especially guys in NYC)
Girl A: That guy I went clubbing with last Saturday is so f...ing swill!

Girl B: Really, you should get with him!

Girl A: I will!
by Thtgirl9 December 26, 2013

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