chinese grease, or anything smelling like santa's crack.
Wipe that SWILL off your bum bum.
by Ohpy Galella December 19, 2002
A male who has it all: class, is hot, comes off confident, and knows what he's doing. It is a combination if swag and chill. Usually this kind of guy wears Armani underwear and very fine clothing. A man/guy cannot be considered swill without such attire. Most girls seem to gravitate towards swill guys. Swill guys are the ultimate definition of hot.(especially guys in NYC)
Girl A: That guy I went clubbing with last Saturday is so swill!

Girl B: Really, you should get with him!

Girl A: I will!
by Thtgirl9 December 26, 2013
A swill is someone from Swilly, who thinks they are solid walking around with their burberry scarfs and baseball caps. They have their adidas trackies tucked into their football socks, and say things like, "ere, don't mess or i'll ding ya, 'n' run u over wimme nova!"
Watch out for that swill over there with the baseball bat!
by An anti swill December 31, 2004
Money that is taken out of sweaty boobs.
that woman just pulled fifty swills out of her chest
by patwatie April 22, 2009
The combination of sweet and chill.
Felix - Sup bra.
Boris - Nothing much, just bought myself a totes raven hat.
Felix - Is it swill?
Boris - You tell me.
Shows Felix the hat.
Felix - Swill.
by Travis the Chimp April 13, 2009
Being from Devonport in Plymouth i have lots of contact with 'swills'
Typical clothing is tracksuits (boys) and denim mini skirts with fat legs (girls) and lots of crap, fake gold, oh and a dog so they can look well 'ard!
swill (with 10 mates) - 'ere, you some kinda goffik of somefink?

nice goth (alone) - um, well yes

swill - i'm gonna kick your fockin 'ed in then
by Jade! August 17, 2005
A swill is very similar to a chav or a townie, infact i think think they are the same thing. Any way a swill is a person that usually listens to really bad music like chart crap and rap. Girl swills tend to be very tarty,wear lots of burberry von dutch and any other thing thats supposed to be fashionable and cheap looking and wear lots of "bling" fake gold jewellery. They also tend to scrap all their hair back and tie it up on the top of their heads and they wear make up thats looks like it's been applied with a shovel. Boy swills tend to be very stupid. They like to wear track suits and like nike. They also like bling and wear baseball caps so the the top bit sticks right up in the air making them look like dickheads. They also like burberry.
Go watch vicky pollard on little britain and you will find out.
by i_am_a_pirate November 29, 2004

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