The act of applying cosmetics in haste.
I had to swill my face before I went to work.
by farkusfarko January 01, 2009
Plymouthian slang word originally used to describe people originating from the part of plymouth called swilly. This word is now being used to describe anyone who fits into the sterotype chav or kevdue to the fact that most "swills" are what people believe to be chavs or kevs.The majoraty of "swills" congragate in huge circles on street corners smoking,drinking, and/or doing very soft drugs, while glaring at passers by and threatening to slit thier throat. Although intimadating in groups the "swill" is no more than a very weak thug with an extremely poor upbringing and it is often the case that the swill has witnessed violence towards his parents and seen his relatives take drugs before him.There is also a very easy way to tell if you are dealing with an ordinary chav/kev or a swill as the swills tend to use the letter "o" in places where the leteer "u" should be E.G: "Fock" instead of "Fuck" and "Cont" instead of "Cunt"
A swill just threatend to kill me iff i ever go to the shop again.
by mofucka February 24, 2005
The perfect mix of two great words, Sweet and Chill.

Use it to any time you would say sweet or chill.
That party was pretty Swill
by Scottycar August 08, 2011
A poor throw in ultimate frisbee, the best sport ever.
Sorry, that throw was really swill.
by FlickChick November 21, 2004
getting a blow job from a female
Male: Can you swill me?
Female: Ok
by Michael Depauldo December 10, 2003

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