When one has to make something up, or when one has made something look like a greater amount of effort and work has gone into the production of it. Often, but not always, involving the duplication of others work or terminology in order to produce something that looks like ones own.

A term synonymous with bullshitting, blagging, making up or too 'wing it', though more often used within the architectural profession.
"That Nathaniel sure was laying on the swift real heavy"


"I sure had to write a loft of swift to get those plans through building control"
by Thig Waymarks November 23, 2007
Top Definition
Being very quick and stealth like thunder and lightning combined, if you are truely swift when u walk across water you shouldnt even touch it.
John is very swift in Combat.
by Minister May 11, 2005
In reference to a person who is well-dressed. Saying that someone looks swift is the same as saying they look sharp, suave, or classy.
In his German-chocolate-colored suit, Leon Phelps looked swift.
by Fog City October 10, 2007
A totally useless trucking company that hires only retards and unskilled drivers who usually fuck up so bad that they bring shame to the trucking community.
acronyms for S.W.I.F.T
1. See What I Fucked up Today
2. Sure Wish I Finished Training
3. So What If I Fuck Toddlers
4. T.F.I.W.S that's SWIFT backwards for Two Fags In A White Semi
by Blue Koi September 15, 2013
it's the best, it's the worst, it's awesome, it's sucky, it's hot, it's not, it's rainbows and smiles, and it's some hard core sex
He is so swift.

This party is so swift.

Don't get swift with me!

She is a swift learner.

Let's get swift baby.

What kind of swift is this?
by Tamara, Alyssa, and Megan August 02, 2005
Rapper in the group D12, commonly confused with Kuniva by people who don't know D12. Bugz' last act was to have Swift join the group
Swift is my favorite D12 artist
by thisguyoverhere August 15, 2011
A boy/man who gets a load of pussy and will always be a womaniser, he will be a successful person in what ever he does and he is a leader to everyone, and he will always try to help out his youths and he try to remain a king for eternity
trappz,lenz and shottz are swift
by swift headley January 11, 2015
A word meaning general awesomeness.
Man, that's swift!
Greer said the swiftest thing the other day.
by Chavalavadingdong May 09, 2005

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